Xonder Prohibited Businesses

The following categories of business practices are prohibited from using the Xonder Service. 

By registering with Xonder, you are confirming that you will not use the Xonder Service to accept payments in connection with the following types of businesses and business activities:




Financial and professional services

Money and legal services Bail and bond payments, foreign currency exchange; immigration/ Visa services; court costs, including alimony and child support; claims management companies; collection agencies, refinancing of debt/ factoring, mortgage brokers/ reduction services/ refinancing, Payday loans; pawn shops; investor services/ investment clubs, sale of stock, securities, options binary options, Forex, and other investments; tax payments; warranty programs; any means of transferring money such as merchant money transfer, intercountry and intracountry MoneySend, merchant and customer financial institution payment transactions and manual cash disbursements. We also do not support crowdfunding and not for profit organisations.
Investment & credit services Consumer credit reporting agencies; credit restoration; timeshares and timeshare advertising.
Virtual currency This includes cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, as well as e-wallets and gift cards.



IP Infringement, regulated or illegal products and services

Adult services & content Any form of adult content and services are prohibited. This includes adult entertainment/ pornography, escort services, dating services, chat lines/ chat rooms and any sort of sexual encounter firms.
Gambling Gambling and gambling transactions, auction houses, buying/ shopping clubs and services.
Regulated or illegal products or services Illegal or legally questionable businesses or products, this includes non face-to-face prescription drugs, internet drug stores and pharmacies, the sale of guns, firearms, weapons, ammunition sale and distribution, any businesses selling cigarette/ tobacco sale/ vape/ e-cigarettes, and counselling centres; VoIP; protection services; file sharing services; detective agencies, protective agencies, security services including armoured cars, guard dogs.
Counterfeit or unauthorized goods Counterfeit goods/ replica goods – where unauthorised sale or resale of products or services with brand/ design names have been illegally imported or exported; including the sale of products with doubtful efficiency.



Unfair, predatory or deceptive practices

Aggregation Businesses who offer questionable seminars and products are prohibited from using the Xonder Service.
This is as well as businesses who offer free trials or low cost trial offers and instances where merchants can be pre-ordered.



Products or services that are otherwise restricted by our financial partners

High risk businesses Anything in relation to pet shops/ animals; travel including taxis, airline and air carries, cruise liners; bankruptcy attorney; fortune tellers; modelling/ talent agencies; ice cream vans; adoption agencies; car & vehicle clamping services; fulfilment houses; open-end services; wholesale clubs and wholesalers of precious stones and metals, watches and jewellery, stamp and coin stores; religious good stores as well as religious/ political organisations – any situations where there is encouragement or promotion of unlawful or violent acts to groups based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ect;  telecommunications services including but not limited to prepared phone services and recurring phone services; outbound telemarketing companies; master phone telephone services; merchandise and services – customer financial institution.
Merchant aggregators Any form of engagement in licensed or unlicensed aggregation of funds which are owed to a third party that are intended to make the origin of the funds obscure.
Multi-level marketing Including pyramid schemes, direct marketing of questionable products, travel related arrangement services, inbound telemarketing merchants, door-to-door sales.
Drug paraphernalia and pseudo pharmaceuticals Chemicals and allied products that are not elsewhere classified; the sale of CBD; male/ female enhancers; nutraceuticals/ nutritional supplements/ vitamins/ herbals; hair restoration services/ hair transplant/ hair replacement surgery, cosmetic surgery.



Contacting Us

For more information regarding our list of restricted businesses, you should contact us on gdpr@xonder.co.uk.